Eat, sleep, yoga. repeat.

“Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners.“

- Shakespeare


We are just a small group of yoga enthusiasts.  The more we looked at products that we liked, the more we wanted to create our own.  Perhaps you feel the same way.  Livvo was created to help the individual blossom.  Livvo's mission is to enable you, the user, to create your own art, if not your own magic, and at least feel comfortable in our quality clothing.  

Livvo loves the arts.  We are all artists in a way - yoga teaches us that.  Our bodies are like musical instruments that need tuning and discovering.  We like to mix visual arts, with the art of tuning our greatest instruments: ourselves.  We provide a percentage of artist collabs back to the artist.  We work with schools and communities where art education is lacking.  This is such a wonderful world to be living in.  Join our tribe, be present, give someone a high five, or do all three while holding crow pose.  :)